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Oh that spoon in the ice cream looks just like a pocky stick to me! From my "extensive" experience with Chinese buffets (I know this is not one) -it's the oily foods that really stuff me up. But you know fried food is irresistible. That fried rice you had at the end beats the typical fried rice you'd find in the Chinatown in NYC. I've had really pathetic fried rice...


Looks delicious! Mmmm, hungry now ;)

carol agrimson

Are you back in the swing of things--and feeling better? I'm often looking for your site to see what I can learn. We are looking, coincidently, for spicy Chinese in Hiroshima and have found at least one good place.
By the way, my husband and I are visiting Tokyo next month. Can you suggest a place to get good kalamata olives? I'm a pretty decent home cook, but recently I'm overwhelmed when I hit the market. Without my common foods, I'm a bit lost. I miss: ovens, meat on the bone, cheese and olives and crusty breads. I know that Tokyo has a lot more to offer. And I know that I"m still very new here and there is a lot more to discover. Besides, I just LOVE Japanese food. Dude, that's lucky, eh?


I am interested in the food culture of your country so that you are so. And I support your site. If there is time, please come in my site. From Japan


I've been so busy lately that I have to say it has been TOOOOOOOOO long since I have visited your blog. And it's my loss. You consistently do SUCH a great job and take such exquisite photos. Way to go! You're a constant inspiration!

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